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Skyband Data Center Services

Skyband Data Center Services

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Hosting & Colocation

Skyband Data Centre Comprises almost 2000 SQM Surfaces connected with the entire Telecom service providers in KSA established with highest level of security access and by being compliant with latest IT management and security licenses such ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 & PCI-DSS 3.2.1 with dedicated redundant power sources to provide adequate power to all the equipment’s placed inside the caged area. . Dual power generators placed in Skyband premises will serve as backup for the power. In addition to this Skyband Data center has backup over UPS. All the facility Space area proposed has a secured access through proximity cards and is restricted for public access.
The entire Skyband premise has high walls with barbed wire fencing along the entire perimeter. The entire premises – at exit or entry points is monitored and video recorded through various CCTV cameras fitted. Skyband Data center scope of work includes providing space with highly secure access, Power supply, Cooling and required Infrastructure.
SKYBAND data Center hosts public, private and banking sector clients and has the capacity of almost 250 racks. This robust infrastructure makes it one of the most scalable, reliable, and adaptable Data Center in Saudi Arabia
Protect Customers Business Data and Operations with SKYBAND well-furnished advance BCP Offices.
SKYBAND BCP offices allows customers to involved in creating a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats to a business and  ensures that personnel and assets are protected and are able to function quickly in the event of a disaster.
As managed services are often very critical for secure, enhanced and continued performance of customer’s site, depending upon the special requirements of customers site/ data, customers can pick and choose the requisite managed service along with their standard Collocation/ dedicated hosting plans. The following managed services will be offered by Skyband for its dedicated hosting customers:

NOC as a Service

Engineering support Services
SKYBAND provides different levels of support starting with basic levels of Engineering Support Services (ESS), to Move, Add & Change (MAC). These engagement levels provide legacy reactive support models, covering software bugs, hardware failures and moves, adds and changes.
Levels of Support
The most advanced level of support, the Managed Services, includes Proactive Monitoring, Moves, Adds and Changes, Full Devices Management, Reporting and Analytics.

Residential Engineer

Qualified Engineers
SKYBAND provides highly qualified residential Engineers to its client.
Top-Notch technical Support
A reliable SKYBAND IT Expert will provide top-notch technical support to help Customer maximize productivity by making sure the IT Services is running optimally and resolving issues promptly.
IT Experts
SKYBAND IT Expert ensure that the Customers are getting right information at the right time to streamline processes, minimize delays and reduce errors in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Remote L1/L2 Support

Plugging and unplugging
Plugging and unplugging network cables and other equipment on Customer request and requirement.
Inventory checks
Conducting inventory checks and audits to ensure that the colocation site has everything customers need in case of disasters.
Routine Maintenance
Handling routine maintenance and service checks for the machines, servers and other equipment placed in SKYBAND data centre.
Performing Reeboots
Performing reboots and resets for clients who can’t come to the site.
Power cycling and configurations on customers request.
Site technical support
Proving colocation site technical support to resolve localised networking and equipment issues related tasks that help to manage colocation sites.

Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service (Highly Secured Scalable and Flexible )
SKYBAND Cloud computing allows the delivery of computing and storage services in a secure and PCI-DSS certified Datacenter. Our service will help customers to avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining an IT infrastructure and allow them to focus on their application Offering customer specific requirements, We provides highly scalable and automated cloud infrastructure with access to high-end servers, storage facilities, and networking capabilities to run customer business operations effectively

Skyband Public Cloud

Creating VMs on a shared infrastructure helps you reduce cost by sharing computing resources with other customers without compromising your security.

Skyband Private Physical Server

On-demand dedicated bare-metal servers delivered as an infrastructure service. Best suited for customers with specific performance and security compliance requirement.
Cloud Technology Work
SKYBAND BaaS service eliminates Data Loss, modernizes customer data protection and eliminates downtime. We provide offsite data storage in which files, folders, VMs or physical servers are regularly backed up to a remote secure and reliable cloud-based data repository over the internet. Skyband has partnered with Veeam, the leader in data protection services, to deliver a reliable and affordable competitive backup solution for customers.
SKYBAND DRaaS offers Disaster Recovery as a Service on our local cloud to provide customers with a high level of data protection that promotes business continuity and operations in critical situations. SKYBAND DRaaS activates a complete failover with SKYBAND data centers as Customers DR datacenter.

CSP – Authorized Microsoft CSP Partner

SKYBAND is authorized Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) Partner. Which enables us to directly manage our entire Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle? We can easily package our own tools, products and services, and combine them into monthly or annual customer bill.

SPLA – Authorized Microsoft SPLA Partner

The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is for service providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to license the latest eligible Microsoft software products to provide software services and hosted applications to end customers.


SKYBAND Internet
Dedicated Secure DDoS protection internet connectivity with redundancy on customer request can be provided; SKYBAND premium quality connection, ensuring high speed rate at all time. A reserved and always active circuit ensuring security, reliability and high speed rate at all time.
SKYBAND IPVPN Connectivity provide secure virtual private network to communicate in between customer head office. And with Remote Access VPN, employees can work remotely without worrying about security breaches.
SKYBAND VSAT Connectivity is offering a range of operator independent terrestrial and satellite IT Communication Services, internet and connectivity solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Cyber Security

SOC as a Service
SKYBAND SOC as a Service also called Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an advanced managed security service that provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. This is unlike traditional MSSPs who only provide alerts from security monitoring. Using advanced security analytics on endpoints, user behaviour, application, and network; MDR provides deeper detection compared to traditional MSSPs, who mostly rely on rules and signature. For faster response, MDR also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to investigate, auto contain threats, and orchestrate response.
DDoS Protection
SKYBAND DDoS protection provides solutions designed to protect everything on your cloud and on-premise networks. Detection, prevention and mitigation capability as the first line of defence against attacks. Protection over Internet, network & Application layers. Handling all types of DDoS attacks.
Vulnerability Assessment
SKYBAND vulnerability assessment is a systematic review of security weaknesses in an information system. It evaluates if the system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assigns severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and recommends remediation or mitigation, if and whenever needed to customers IT environment.
Penetration Testing
SKYBAND Penetration Testing or Pen Testing is a type of Security Testing used to uncover vulnerabilities, threats and risks that an attacker could exploit in software applications, networks or web applications. Common vulnerabilities include design errors, configuration errors, software bugs etc.
End Point Security
SKYBAND Endpoint security is the practice of securing endpoints or entry points of end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from being exploited by malicious actors and campaigns. ... Today's endpoint protection systems are designed to quickly detect, analyse, block, and contain attacks in progress.